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Web app

Bokning & Schema Online is a cloud-based application, which means you do not have to download any software. You just need to have access to a computer or tablet to access your bokning & schema online, After login, you can create invoices directly in your billing software.

Effective Time

By having a single program bookings assignments, scheduling and billing can save you up to 60% of your time.Utilize your safe time in doing other potential work for your company.
We make an automatic backup at every day end.

Creating Customers

In the program you can create a customer. You can easily synchronize customer records in the program with the customer data in the billing program.

Create Items

Items created by adding a description example, House cleaning, painting the facade and unit price and

Create Bookings / Assignments

You select the customer and the work and specifies whether the work will be made on one or several times

Create Employees

You create profiles of every emplyee with basic data and along with salary information. Add even when the employee will available for work. At a booking, only the available employees for the work.

Work schedule

When you create a booking, your employees can also login in the Bokning & Schema online with their own login and see their upcomming jobs. They can see when the job to be performed, customer data and comments such as to be given extra careful during the cleaning/renovation. When they finish the work, they can login and confirm that the work is completed.


This program is specially designed for household and renovation companies and always updated by the rules of the Tax Agency. For the cleaning, construction, painting, or other services are Bokning & Schema Online is an excellent solution to be successfull. We can help you get started with integration.

About Us

  • Bokning & Schema Online is the name of the program from the Bird Vision AB.
  • Our task is to offer a simple booking and scheduling software for service which meets customer demands for easy administration.
  • Our many years of experience and close research with customers in the RUT and ROT area has lead us to a solution that small and medium-sized enterprises must appreciate.
  • The program is cloud-based, both administrators and Recruitment of employees to access data from any internet enabled device, i.e PC, tablet or mobile.
  • The time saving integration with billing program is considered very important by many customers.
  • A low price program without compromising on quality is essential for you,we keep continue to update and develop our program.


User License per Company

399.00 kr
per month (ex. moms)

Variable costs per Employee

9.90 kr
per month (ex. moms)

Variable cost per Administrator

29.00 kr
per month (ex. moms)

This is included in the program price

Bokningsprogram för städföretag

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